Email delivery

Tips and explanations about how to keep track of your outgoing emails (click rates, open rates, bounces etc.) and maximize your deliverability.

Email delivery system

What happens when you send an email, and how to make it sure that it’s correctly delivered (troubleshooting the annoying “Mail Delivery service” issues).

What is email deliverability

The capacity of your emails to get to the intended recipients, and some basic tips about how to improve it.

Email delivery tracking

How to keep track of any email you sent, in real time: getting valuable data about all your users’ interactions with your message.

Click tracking

turboSMTP’s dashboard allows you to check accurately and in real-time if and when the users clicked on a link put in your email.

Email delivery notification

For an email marketer (but not only) is essential to know whether his emails have been correctly delevered to the recipients. Here’s how to.

What is an email queue

If your SMTP server is too loaded, your outgoing emails can be queued – that is, their delivery is temporarily delayed.

Email delivery failure and other problems

Why sometimes your emails are not delivered (because of bounces, malware attacks or SMTP issues), and how to fix that.

Bounced emails

The difference between a hard bounce and a soft bounce and how to keep track of all your bounced messages.

“Email not delivered”

How to deal with this typical error message and make your emails correctly delivered.

IP score and IP reputation

How to verify that your IP is really reliable and won’t affect your deliverability

Email SMTP server

More information about your outgoing mail server.

Email delivery service

A professional email delivery service is essential when it comes to bulk, marketing and transactional emails.

Email marketing server

The kind of outgoing mail server you need for your email marketing, plus some tips about it.