SMTP setup

How to set up an SMTP server and solve any related issue (including its often cryptic error codes).

SMTP settings

The configuration of an outgoing service for a mail client, in few simple steps, complete with a handy list of the most common providers.

How to configure an SMTP server

More information about how to configure your SMTP server, setting the right name, the connection security level and the authentication.

SMTP error and reply codes

“550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable”, “421 Try again later”… What do SMTP error messages mean and how to fix them.

Outbound email service

Why choose a professional SMTP service to send your emails, and how it works.

Error 550

The most common SMTP reply code, pointing out that an email address is unavailable.

SMTP port number

What port number should you choose when configuring an outgoing server?

Public SMTP server

A free, public outgoing server is a good choice for daily communication: but when it comes to email marketing, it’s always advisable to go for a professional one.

How to set a secure SMTP server

It’s important do add another safety layer to your email delivery system: here’s how.

Google SMTP server

How to configure Google’s outgoing mail server on an email application.

Dedicated email server

turboSMTP gives all users who buy a 100.000 emails/month plan or more a dedicated and unique SMTP server. Discover more.