About SMTP

All you need to know about your SMTP server settings, what “SMTP” stands for, and other details concerning the basics of email delivery.

What is SMTP

SMTP is the contraction of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and defines the method that handles the process of email exchange and delivery across IPs.

SMTP commands

The most important commands used by two servers during a conversation in the SMTP protocol.

What is an SMTP server

The SMTP server that acts more or less like a postman: it delivers your sent emails to their recipients “conversing” with the incoming servers.

What is my SMTP

How to get the details of your outbound server and configure a mail client with the proper settings.

Port for SMTP

What is a computer port and which are the right ones for SMTP servers.

SMTP test

If you are facing email delivery problems, it’s a good idea to perform an SMTP test to check the efficiency of the outgoing mail server in use.

SMTP Authentication

How to send secured emails adding a new safety layer to your SMTP.

SMTP Relays

What is an SMTP relay and why it’s essential to send mass emails.

Find your SMTP server address

How to get your SMTP parameters and set up a mail client.

Choose the best SMTP server

What should an SMTP service provide to be the best for your needs?

Port 587

If you have trouble delivering your emails using port 25, you can let your SMTP server connect via port 587.