Email sending questions

What’s behind the simple act of hitting “Send”, how to mail out unlimited messages, and how to avoid email sending problems.

How to send unlimited emails

The technical requirements to send and deliver all the messages of your email campaign without worries.

The client is not sending your emails

Why is your mail software blocking all your outgoing emails? Here’s how to troubleshoot the most common causes.

What is DKIM

Acronym for Domain Keys Identification Mail: it is a method used to prevent people to fake email identities.

How to send a million emails

Need to mail out a really huge quantity of messages? Here’s what you should get to guarantee a perfect delivery.

How to send transactional emails

Transactional emails – susbcription confirmations, purchase receipts, etc. – have the highest open and click rates: that’s why is so important to deliver them correctly.

Direct Send and SMTP servers

It’s possibile to send emails also avoiding to rely on an outgoing server – even if we don’t suggest it.

The right SMTP server for bulk email sending

If you need to send a mass email, you simply cannot rely on a normal outgoing server – you need a professional one.

Email server settings

To set up a mail client and start sending emails you need to know your email server settings: here’s how to get them.

Bulk email server

Planning to start a bulk email marketing campaign? Here’s what you need to deliver your messages.

How to send a Christmas newsletter

Christmas time is a hot period for any email marketer: that’s why it’s vital for your messages to be delivered…

SMTP hosting

Unfortunately it’s easy to underestimate the importance of a good SMTP hosting service when it comes to send emails. Here’s why you should get it, instead.

SMTP relay server

A trusted and flexible SMTP relay server is crucial for all the companies who want to run an effective email marketing strategy.

Email going to the junk folder?

If a part of your newsletters end up filtered out, there’s something urgent to do. Here’s what.

CC email: why to avoid it

It’s very common to use the CC field when it comes to send a newsletter – but you shouldn’t.