Yahoo Mail Bounced Back to Sender

How can you solve Yahoo email delivery problems?

Did you recently detect that your emails to Yahoo addresses bounce back as undeliverable? Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The high number of hard bounces from Yahoo email addresses is due to the company’s clean-up process which started in March 2019. The process has caused serious problems for deliverability, and they’re not easy to solve.

But we are here to help you!

Read on to find out why Yahoo mail so often bounces back to sender and learn how to prevent bounces from Yahoo emails.

Why Are Yahoo Emails Bouncing?

Yahoo is in the process of disabling and canceling all accounts that have been inactive for more than twelve months. The company announced that all deleted accounts will be “released” after 30 days of cancellation and made available to other users. So accounts with special names may soon be available again.

That might be good news for many Yahoo users, but it’s bad news for other marketers — and for you. This clean-up process may affect your reputation and, consequently, your deliverability. This means that all emails you send — even those that are not addressed to Yahoo dormant accounts — risk not reaching your legitimate recipients’ inboxes. What can you do to solve such a big email delivery problem caused by Yahoo bounces?

The Failure of Email Verifiers

As email marketing experts, we know that an email verifier is great for keeping email lists clean and lowering the bounce rate. In this case, though, it’s not enough. Even if you use an email verification provider, the deliverability problems caused by Yahoo bounces can still persist. That’s because there’s no way to know whether an account is in a “disabled” state — the account might be inactive and therefore frozen, but can be reactivated if the owner logs in. Because the email address appears to exist, email verifiers report a “deliverable” status. But they can’t know whether the addresses are actually reachable. The result of the disabling of Yahoo accounts is that all email sent are bounced back to the sender.

Yahoo Email Bounce – What Can You Do?

If many of the emails you send are being sent back to the sender, your reputation could soon be damaged, and you may face serious deliverability issues. So what can you do? You need to carefully clean your list by deleting the contacts that do not engage with your content and have not opened your emails for a long time.

The period we suggest you evaluate is the last three months. That will allow you to skim your database without risk of deleting valuable contacts. Taking out the email addresses that don’t interact with you will reduce the bounce rate and allow you to work around the problem of inactive Yahoo accounts.

Bouncing is not the only risk you face because of Yahoo’s cleaning up procedure. As we said, after a 30-day period, disabled accounts are released and can be assigned to other users. This means that when you send those addresses an email, the new Yahoo user who has never subscribed to your list will mark it as spam. If you are a marketer you know that there is nothing more dangerous for your business than a report for spamming. In this situation, you’ll get a lot more than one report!

To avoid more serious repercussions, why not use a professional service that takes care of your deliverability? turboSMTP lets you keep track of your email campaign results. It cleans your list by deleting inactive users, manages spam reports, and gives you 24/7 customer care.

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