Mail Server administrators

Do your know what your email server’s deliverability and reputability are?

Is your server white-listed with all email providers (Gmail, Hotmail etc.)?

Is your IP white-listed?

Delivering email notifications

If you sell services on the web or own an online shop, then you possibly are using email notifications.
They are the best way to communicate that an order has been received or to send out license codes, activation links and so on.

turboSMTP allows you to reach your recipient’s inbox avoiding spam filters and black/grey lists.

Our state-of-the-art mail servers are scalable and ultra secure, designed to relay extended email volumes at the highest possible speed and delivery rates.

There are great many benefits of choosing turboSMTP over your in-house SMTP server:

  • Rock-solid reliability
  • Fast delivery
  • Extended security
  • Feedbacks Loops wiht ISPs
  • SPF/Sender ID Authentication
  • Access to SMTP Log Files
  • Flexible pricing

turboSMTP is easy to integrate into all major server operating systems and softwares, including Microsoft Windows Server, Sendmail, and Postfix.

In addition, our experienced technical team will be ready to assist you with world-class support 24/7.

Feel the difference

We offer a variety of packages so that you can choose what best suits your company’s needs.

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