• Yahoo Mail Bounced Back to Sender

    How can you solve Yahoo email delivery problems? Did you recently detect that your emails to Yahoo addresses bounce back as undeliverable? Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The high number of hard bounces from Yahoo email addresses is due to the company’s clean-up process which started in March 2019. The process has caused serious problems […]

  • Email Tracking: How to Know If Someone Read Your Email

    Email tracking, of which real-time click and open tracking is the core, is a hugely useful tool for high-profile written communications. It can even show you in real time whether recipients have opened and read the messages and clicked on any of its links. I know my boss. His habits have never changed. He spends […]

  • Why Hotmail’s SMTP Servers Aren’t for You

    Why Hotmail’s SMTP Servers Aren’t for You We know that Gmail’s SMTP server isn’t a great choice for email marketers. Its limit of 500 readers, its willingness to close accounts for a day that breach that limit, and its display of a free email system used by businesses all make it unreliable, clunky and unprofessional. […]

  • The Limits of Gmail’s SMTP Servers

    The Limits of Gmail’s SMTP Servers Sending your email newsletters through Gmail should be easy. Google’s free email service can function as your SMTP client: add the SMTP details to Sendblaster by using as the “outgoing (SMTP) server,” check “use authentication,” and choose 587 and 465 as the ports for TLS/STARTLS and SSL respectively. […]