Yahoo SMTP configuration

You can use your Yahoo Mail account also to send emails from a client like Thunderbird or Outlook, employing Yahoo’s own SMTP server.

The setup process is extremely easy. You just need to open the configuration window:

and fill the fields with Yahoo’s SMTP server settings, which are:

  • Yahoo! SMTP server address:
  • Yahoo! SMTP user name: your Yahoo! Mail account
  • Yahoo! SMTP password: your Yahoo! Mail password
  • Yahoo! SMTP port: 465

That’s it.

However, it must be pointed out that Yahoo’s SMTP comes with a strict limit of 500 outbound emails per day (and each message can be sent up to 100 recipients), in order to prevent spammers from using it for their unsolicited messages.

So if you need to send a mass email to a large list of accounts – a newsletter campaign, for instance – you should definitely switch to a dedicated outgoing server like turboSMTP.

turboSMTP allows you to manage easily your mailouts and send unlimited messages: and above all, it guarantees the highest delivery rate. You can subscribe and get immediately 6.000 free relays per month, forever.