SMTP hosting

A reliable SMTP hosting service is essential to guarantee your mailings the best delivery rate. This is particularly important when it comes to bulk email marketing: unfortunately, some marketers still don’t grasp the importance of a trusted SMTP host; they keep sending mass emails relying on a common, free outgoing mail server – like Gmail’s or Hotmail’s – with the sole result of losing readers (i.e., customers).

Matter of fact, only a professional SMTP service can improve your deliverability and make it sure that all your emails get to the intended inboxes. Why invest money in a message that doesn’t get delivered?

That’s why you can rely on turboSMTP: a complete SMTP hosting solution that has been proving its value for years, serving more than 30.000 customers worldwide. With our servers you can send emails hassle-free, obtaining the quickest and surest delivery with any ISP.

We keep on monitoring our system to ensure you the best smart host service – also assisted by a 24/7 customer support – and provide you an efficient tool to boost your newsletter campaign.

You can get immediately a free lifetime package of 6.000 emails/month, and then in case upgrade according to your mailing needs.