Bulk email server

What’s a bulk email server? Very good question.

When it comes to send mass emails, such as a transactional message (a welcome email, a receipt confirmation etc.) or a marketing one, it’s essential to rely on a professional bulk email server – that is, a dedicated SMTP server like turboSMTP.

To put it straight, if you don’t get such a bulk email service, a large part of your emails will not get delivered.

In fact, any “normal” outgoing mail server like the ones you get with common email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) cannot support mass mailings; and that is also why their quantity of recipients and messages that can be handled per day is limited.

And no matter how you try to avoid that – for instance dividing your list into smaller chunks – you won’t ever make the most of your bulk message campaign. In fact, you will lose the great chance of a proper email marketing strategy.

On the contrary, turboSMTP is strictly designed to support bulk mailing, ensuring that all your messages will get to the intended inboxes – no matter how many.

Plus, turboSMTP comes also with a full set of tracking tools that will help you understand the efficiency of your campaign and improve it.

You can get immediately 6000 free emails/month lifetime and then in case upgrade according to your mailing needs.