Dedicated email server

If you are sending more than 100K emails per year, it’s crucial to get a dedicated email server that can guarantee you the best delivery rate. For all clients who buy a Professional or Enterprise Plan, turboSMTP offers the chance to get a dedicated SMTP server that will add to your email campaign another layer of effectiveness.

The Free and Basic turboSMTP services are to provide a set of trusted IPs shared between a few customers: of course all them are monitored 24/7, but getting an entirely dedicated and unique email server means that it will not be affected by other marketers’ behavior whatsoever. So even if someone misues our service – to send spam, for instance – and lowers an IP’s reputation for some time while we clean it up, your mailing will always be safe.

In fact, this will zero the risk of being filtered out by any recipients (provided that their address have been collected in a permission-based way): and the the whole delivery process will be faster as well.