Free SMTP relays

If you need free SMTP relays to send your emails and be 100% sure that they’ll be all correctly delivered, turboSMTP is the right choice.

Our free relaying service provides 6.000 relays/month (up to 200/day) with no fee whatsoever; this credit expire after one year. You simply need to sign up and you’re ready to use all our services.

A reliable relaying system is essential when it comes to bulk mailing: our professional SMTP server will take care of all your messages, be them transactional, marketing or even personal ones, getting them to the correct destination.

We also offer a real-time analytics tool to keep track of all mailings and a 24/7 support to be always there for you and solve any eventual issues.

Of course, if your mailing needs require more than 6.000 free relays per month, we have also a wide range of prepaid plans and monthly subscriptions. Have a look.