How to send a million emails

Need to send a million emails – more or less, let’s say it doesn’t matter the exact number provided that it’s really, really big?

Well, first of all it should be clear to you that you cannot use a common mail client or a webmail. Opening up your Gmail account and importing all the million contacts in the BCC line would be crazy – and impossible, because a normal email provider gives you only a limited number of relays per day.

Also, these providers use non-monitored SMTP servers that strictly depend on your internet connection at the given moment and can rely on bad IPs which can harm your deliverability.

So to send 1 million (or also 1000, or 10.000, or no matter how many) good emails you need first of all a reliable, effective bulk email service or software able to manage a wide list. But you also need a professional SMTP provider like turboSMTP, in order to ensure the highest delivery rate of your emails.