How to install an SMTP server

To send emails with a client or an email software, it is essential first of all to install an SMTP server that will handle the delivery of all messages.

The process is simple: you only need to set up your mail client or software entering the right parameters as explained in our article about SMTP configuration.

The importance of creating, installing and using a reliable SMTP server is crucial in particular when it comes to send mass emails like newsletters.

Remember that a “normal” server (AOL’s, Yahoo’s, etc.) poses a restriction on the number of recipients to whom you can send the same email message. And most importantly, it cannnot ensure the best delivery rate of your emails, because it uses uncontrolled IP that could be shared by spammers.

As email marketing has proven the most profitable form of online advertising (with a small investment you can broadcast your offer and get a great ROI), it is very important to ensure that your email delivery actually reaches its destination.

This is why you should install a professional SMTP service like turboSMTP: because it gives you both the ability to send unlimited emails and ensures that they are properly received.