Email delivery service

email delivery service

A professional email delivery service is essential when it comes to bulk, marketing and transactional emails. In fact, only a dedicated email delivery server will ensure that all your multiple messages will get to the intended inbox, avoiding any ISP restrictions or spam filtering.

turboSMTP offers you exactly that. An SMTP service provider – that is, an email delivery engine – that will enhance amazingly your deliverability for a very competitive price, set according to your mailing needs.
It also comes with a 100% free plan if you need to send less up to 6.000 emails/month, and a brand new SMTP API to integrate the sending service in your application or website.

Finally, turboSMTP provides a powerful online tracking system, so that you can analyse your messages’ status for any single recipient and get useful metrics to improve your marketing campaign. With our tools you will be able to get also a real-time email delivery confirmation.

No matter what kind of email you send – DEM, newsletters, personal or business related – it’s our job to deliver it. Just sign up and let us do that for you.