The right SMTP server to send a newsletter

Choosing the right SMTP server is a very important step for anyone who needs to send a newsletter to her customers or subscribers. Unfortunately many people – and alas, many “experienced” marketer as well – still don’t understand the vital importance of a professional outgoing mail server when it comes to newsletters and email marketing.

Let’s put it very straight: you must not send a newsletter with Gmail or Yahoo or any other SMTP server related to a normal free email provider. Of course you can try, but the result will be a complete failure. For two reasons:

  1. You cannot handle more than a certain number of emails and recipients with these outgoing mail servers. For instance, Gmail has a limitation of 500 recipients per email. It’s a cautionary measure to block spammers.
  2. Even if you split your list in smaller chunks to avoid these limits and proceed with separate mailing, again it won’t work: non-professional servers cannot guarantee a full deliverability. That is, a part of your messages will get lost no matter what: filtered out by antispam shields, rejected by ISPs restrictions, and you won’t even know it.

So if you need to send a bulk email like a newsletter, it’s imperative to choose a professional SMTP service that can ensure a proper delivery rate – and provide other useful tools to analyze your campaign. You can try now turboSMTP with 6.000 free relays, lifetime and make it sure that all your emails get to the inbox.