Get 6000 free emails per month

As is known, a normal free SMTP server like the ones associated to Gmail or Hotmail is generally excellent for daily emails but not apt at all for mass email sendings, as it cannot guarantee a proper delivery rate. That is, you will always stumble upon some deliverability issues.

So if you’re putting up a newsletter campaign it’s important to choose a professional SMTP service, that will allow you to send unlimited emails making them all get to the intended inboxes.

But what if you need to send only a limited quantity of messages and don’t want to pay for them?

turboSMTP is here to help, offering you 6.000 free emails per month (200/day) for one year. This package is ideal for the ones who want to get both a temporary free solution and all the qualities of a dedicated SMTP server. No credit cards are required. Try it now!