What is DKIM

DKIM (acronym for Domain Keys Identification Mail) is a method used to prevent people to fake email identities. Analyzing the domain part of the sending address – @domain.com – it verifies whether a message comes from the claimed source or not: basically, it’s an email authentication service.

DKIM is extremely useful. In fact, email is pretty easy to spoof: you have probably receveid lots of messages that pretended to be sent from your bank or from a Post Office – when they were phishing instead.

With DKIM, you get a digital signature that proofs your identity and avoid you to fall into spam filters: so this will kill phishing, increase legitimate email delivery, and enhance the general trust in this form of communication.

turboSMTP offers a default authentication process through its servers, but we strongly recommend to add a record to your DNS settings in order to improve your email delivery rate. This is a crucial technical requirement to make it sure that all your newsletters are correctly delivered to all intended recipients.

For all information about how to do that, please check our tutorial or watch the following video.


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