Sub account system

Want to buy a quantity of emails and resell them at the price you decide, offering your customer a turboSMTP service fully personalized with your brand, complete with statistics and tools?

You can start this business now creating sub accounts from PRO monthly plans and assigning them the number of emails you have sold. Every customer will have access to a personal page and use our service, while you’ll always be able to keep track of their activities and have a complete control of the situation.

Sub account turboSMTP

Also, creating sub accounts can be a handy way to divide among your coworkers the whole bunch of relays that you have purchased.

For instance, you may buy a 100,000 emails monthly plan and give 10,000 to each of your employees. It’s a handy way to distribute a precise quantity of available messages and monitor them (to know for example if you should buy more, or less, how they are used etc.)