Smart Routing Feature

Smart routing

For many senders, a single IP address may be all they need for long-term success with their marketing platform.

But what happens when things change?

Suppose you’ve been blessed with the burden of HUGE growth and now have a volume of email that exceeds the amount one IP address should deliver. Or perhaps your one IP develops a reputation problem, and Yahoo or some other ISP, suddenly stops taking your email. Or what if you need multiple email streams, each handled uniquely?

How can you find an effective solution to all these problems?

The answer is easy: the turboSMTP Smart Routing Feature.

Smart Routing delivers on-premises control over the way the turboSMTP server routes your email to the Internet. Its applications are as varied as they are useful. You’ll really benefit from our team managing your traffic routing!

How Smart Routing Can Change the Way You Send an Email

Even the best senders encounter deliverability hiccups from time to time. A Smart Routing Feature gives your email some options.

The feature randomizes each delivery attempt, so if one IP is seeing deferrals, the next delivery might come from a different IP. Your delivery problems will be avoided with no need to request an IP change.

For more complex issues, it might be more effective to adjust the routing. Create routing options to shift only impacted domains onto Smart Routing routes that are seeing better delivery rates. The changes take effect instantly, so quick changes to the config can turn a challenging situation around quickly.

  • What Can Routing Rules Do for You?

    When combined with the rest of turboSMTP’s features, you’ll start to see improved delivery and inbox hitting rates.

  • How Can You Obtain This Feature?

    Just contact our support team and request the Smart Routing Feature for your account.

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