Regular activities’ report sent by email

Using turboSMTP, you benefit from our advanced dashboard that provides a real-time, accurate statistics of clicks and openings. You will know every time who and when has interacted with your emails.

But there is more.
You can receive the updates of your account’s activities right in your inbox. The report will include all the data about your email’s performance, namely the volume of messages sent, delivered, open, clicked on CTAs, bounced, unsubscribed and labeled as spam.

You can download the report in CSV format, or directly check the lists of recipients that interacted with your emails. All this will be delivered to you with a tidy and eye-catching table like the one below:

Search under the “Tools” menu to activate this feature. You can set the starting date of the period you want to receive the reports. They will be delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly upon your choice.

Keeping the results of your mailing activities under control has never been easier.