POP and SMTP servers

POP and SMTP: what they are, how they work, how to configure their settings in your mail client, and what’s in detail the process of email delivery and download.

What are POP and SMTP

The very basics of Post Office Protocol and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol technology and language.

POP and SMTP mail servers

How to set up a mail software with the SMTP and POP server details, in order to correctly send and receive emails.


POP3 is the latest version of POP: here you’ll get information about how to set it and your SMTP server.

Why use a dedicated SMTP server

Many marketers still think that to make their recipients get a bulk email they can rely on a common outgoing mail server. Well, it’s a big mistake.

The right SMTP server to send a newsletter

When it comes to newsletters and email marketing, you absolutely need to use a professional SMTP server.

Free SMTP relays

If you need a trusted and free relaying system, turboSMTP is the right choice. Here’s why.

Outgoing SMTP mail server

How to get your outgoing mail server settings and make it work on a mail client.

Cloud email server

If you run an email marketing campaign with a desktop software, it’s imperative to get a reliable and scalable cloud email server.