Outgoing email server

An outgoing mail server is the machine that delivers your emails to another computer (the inbound server) from which your recipients will download them. In these sense the outgoing email server acts, so to say, like a postman: and as it uses a standard protocol called SMTP (“Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”), it’s usually called SMTP server.

So any time you configure a mail client like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook, adding a new email account, you’ll need to specify your outgoing mail server’s settings: server name, your address, the port you want to use (normally port 25), etc.

However, it must be underlined that the SMTP servers normally associated to free email accounts can come across deliverability problems if you send out a certain quantity of messages (e.g. if for instance you’re running an email marketing campaign).

So if you are sending lots of emails and you want to maximize the delivery rate, you should rely on a professional outgoing mail server like turboSMTP. You can subscribe now and get immediately 6.000 free relays per month, forever.