How to set up your TurboSMTP account in

How to set up your TurboSMTP account in

1. Add a new email account

Click on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of your screen:

  • Open the My Account menu
TurboSMTP and configuration
  • Select the Email Accounts tab
TurboSMTP and settings
  • Click the Add email address button choose the SMTP type
TurboSMTP and server settings
  • Choose the SMTP type
TurboSMTP and configuration

2. Add SMTP settings

Fill out the information related to sending emails:

  • From name, From email fields: your sender name and email address your recipients will see in From field
  • Username, Password: your email service account (the one you have verified in your TurboSMTP account)
  • SMTP host/port, SSL or TLS encryption: your email provider’s default settings
  • Messages per day: how many emails your account will be sending daily (the number you will get from TurboSMTP chosen plan)
  • Fixed or Random delay: will send every single email with an interval you specify

Here are the  TurboSMTP settings:

From Email (Verified in SMTP)Write the email which you’ve verified in your TurboSMTP account
USERNAME/APIWrite here the login email which you’ve got from your TurboSMTP account.
Password/Secret KEYWrite here the password which you’ve got from your TurboSMTP account.
TurboSMTP and settings

3. Test connection

After you fill SMTP settings, click the Send a test email to check connection button to check if connection is successful.

TurboSMTP and

If you see a SUCCESS MESSAGE status, your SMTP sender account is ready to go!

Click the SAVE SETTINGS button at the top right corner of the EMAIL SETTINGS page to save your settings.

You are all set now to use TurboSMTP sender account with Drip Campaigns !