High volume email marketing

Many companies need to send a great number of emails and newsletters on a daily basis. In fact, high volume email marketing is one of the most rewarding forms of digital communication – and even in the social media era, it hasn’t lost its effectiveness.

It’s very important to remember, though, that the only way to ensure a proper delivery to your mass emails is to choose a professional third-party SMTP server. The reason is simple: sending a massive amount of emails with a common outgoing mail server – like Gmail’s or Yahoo’s – is impossible because of the limits they put on the number of recipients that one can handle per message.

But there’s more: even if you manage to avoid these restrictions (for instance splitting your list in smaller parts), the risk of being labelled as a spammer is extremely high; and in general a great part of your messages will not hit the inbox. Even if you’re doing legitimate email marketing (as you should). And without you even knowing.

So high volume email sending requires a proper, dedicated bulk email server to ensure a fast and correct delivery process.

With its whitelisted servers and a strict relationship with all major ISPs, turboSMTP is the right choice for any kind of mass emailings – the simplest and quickest way to send and deliver all your messages. You can browse our pricelist and choose the plan that best fits your needs.