Email marketing server

An email marketing server is very different from the normal outgoing mail servers associated to free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo…). In fact, only a professional sending service like turboSMTP can support high volume email marketing campaigns ensuring the best delivery rate for all messages.

The main point is that any common free SMTP servers put a limit to the number of recipients that you can handle for each mailing, to deter spammers from using them.

On the contrary, a proper email marketing server is structured right to support large and unlimited email sending. And what’s even more important, it will guarantee that all emails get to the intended inboxes, avoiding ISP restrictions, antispam filtering and other typical delivery issues.

You can start using turboSMTP immediately, choosing the best plan for your needs: we offer a wide range of prepaid packages and monthly or annual plans. Our bulk email server also provides a set of analytics tools that give you real-time metrics (open rates, click-through rates etc.) to check the effectiveness of your campaign and consequently improve it.

Of course, one should always remember that a truly effective (and legal) email marketing campaign is directed only to authorized contacts. That is, you must never send newsletters or any kind of mass email to randomly collected accounts; it’s the worst choice for your brand image and for your marketing strategy as well, so always ask for permission before mailing any bulk messages.