SMTP test

If you are facing email delivery problems, it’s a good idea to perform an SMTP test to check the efficiency of the outgoing mail server in use. If you’re familiar to Windows Command Line you can do it yourself using TELNET and SMTP commands. Or, you can rely on MX ToolBox’s own SMTP test service: SMTP diagnostics.

This popular tool simply connects to a mail server via SMTP and runs six different tests: about the transaction time, the openness of the SMTP relay, the presence of a reverse DNS (PTR) record etc. It also provides a complete transcript of the session, complete with all codes involved.

Of course, if you choose a professional SMTP service like turboSMTP you will be free from these worries once for all. In fact, relying on a dedicated outgoing mail server is the only way to ensure a correct email flow without filtering or spam issues – especially when it comes to bulk messages (newsletters, transactional emails etc.). An SMTP test will not be needed anymore.

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