Configure TurboSMTP For Outbound Emails in Bitnami applications

How to set up your TurboSMTP account in Bitnami applications

Bitnami applications can be configured to use a third-party SMTP service for outgoing email. One of the best third-party SMTP service is TurboSMTP.

Instructions for using this are provided below.

TurboSMTP settings for Bitnami applications

Here are the  TurboSMTP settings:

  • SMTP Name – TurboSMTP
  • HOST –
  • PORT – 587
  • From Email (Verified in SMTP) – Write the email which you’ve verified in your TurboSMTP account
  • USERNAME/API – Write here the login email which you’ve got from your TurboSMTP account.
  • Password/Secret KEY – Write here the password which you’ve got from your TurboSMTP account
TurboSmtp settings for Bitnami applications

Here’s an example of configuring WordPress to use TurboSMTP:


TurboSMTP server is configured now.