Cloud email server

If you run an email marketing campaign with a desktop software or a mail client, it’s imperative to get a reliable and scalable cloud email server – that is, a sending service that will ensure the highest delivery rate for all your messages.

Unfortunately, some marketers still rely on common SMTP servers like the ones associated to Gmail or Yahoo. Careless of the risk, they usually split their list into smaller chunks to avoid these servers’ sending restrictions (e.g. 500 accounts per message for Gmail): but they don’t understand where the real problem lies.

In fact, only a professional cloud email server like turboSMTP can both support unlimited sending at once, and guarantee that all emails will always be correctly delivered. Such SMTP server is designed exactly to manage this kind of bulk mailing: maintaining a close relationship with internet service providers and employng only trusted, white-listed IPs, it’s a rock solid option for your marketing or transactional messages.

Plus, our cloud based email delivery service provides also an advanced tracking tool to get valuable information about all sent emails – their open rate and click-through rate, the number of unsubscribers, any spam complaints and much more. Basically anything that can help you improve your newsletter campaign or generic cloud emailing.

You can get immediately 6.000 free relays/month, lifetime, and then upgrade according to your business or personal needs.