Best alternative to Mandrill for transactional emails and newsletter campaigns

turboSMTP is your best alternative to Mandrill: it does the same thing with more ease and with less expense: as many of former Mandrill users already know!

Exactly as with Mandrill configuration, TurboSMTP provides you a SMTP server name, username, password and that’s all: you’re ready to go.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with coding, our pure SMTP service will deliver your transactional emails for a long time to come.

We don’t need to merge a SMTP into an email marketing platform, or to change it into an add-on, as MailChimp did. We assure you that with TurboSMTP you’ll always find:

  • guaranteed deliverability we take care of your transactional emails with one of the highest deliverability rate of the industry
  • an easy setup similar to Mandrill you just need to replace Mandrill APIs with ours
  • subaccounts to manage your client’s profiles
  • affordable plans we have never once raised our prices

As you can see from the pricing table, if you send up to 30k transactional emails, you will pay TurboSMTP a fraction of what you’d have paid Mandrill – and you’ll save even more if you consider Mandrill + MailChimp!

(without MailChimp)
(with MailChimp)


/month (at minimum)


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