Public SMTP server

There’s a wide range of public, free SMTP servers that can be set up on a mail client to deliver your emails – Gmail’s own portable SMTP server being probably the most popular. Here you can find a list of the major ones.

Now a public outgoing server is a good choice for the daily communication, but when it comes to email marketing – when you need to send a bulk message like a newsletter – things get much trickier.

In fact, a common SMTP server like Gmail’s or Hotmail’s is not designed to support this kind of mass emailing, because it relies on shared IPs and generally sets some strict limits to the volume of messages and recipients that you can handle per day.

So in this case it’s always advisable to go for a professional SMTP service that can guarantee a full deliverability to your emails.

But what if you want to get both a free SMTP server and the qualities of a professional one? No worries: turboSMTP provides also a lifetime free plan of 6.000 emails per month (200 per day). You can get it now and upgrade as you wish in the case you’ll need more relays (that is, more customers).