Email delivery system

What happens exactly when you send a mass email, like a newsletter to your customers? Anyone should know at least the basics of the email delivery system, and that for a simple reason: not every email you send out is always a correctly delivered email. (Which means a clear loss in terms of investment).

Basically your outgoing messages are handled by a machine called SMTP server which takes care of delivering them to the intended recipients. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not work correctly: for instance, think of the well-known, annoying “Mail Delivery Failure” notifications from the Mail Delivery System itself.

mail delivery failure

If your account list is OK (you have deleted all the wrong addresses and you send communications only to users who have given their permission) but you keep receiving this kind of messages, the issue probably lies right in your own SMTP or outgoing mail server.

It may well be that the IP from which you’re mailing out is shared with a spammer, or it’s even been blacklisted. Unfortunately that can happen if you’re using a common server like the one associated by default to a Gmail or Hotmail account.

Solution: opt for a professional email delivery service like turboSMTP, capable to maximize the capacity of your messages to reach the inboxes. As it’s becoming more and more difficult to get emails correctly delivered – because of spam filters and firewalls and other issues – a monitored, highly reliable SMTP server will give you a huge help.

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