CC email: why it’s important to avoid it

When you send a multiple email message to a mailing list, it’s very common to put all the addresses in the CC field – that is, to send a CC email. Very simply, people put a single address in the “To” field and all the others in the “CC” one, available on any mail client.

But sending a newsletter or a marketing email via CC is actually very risky.

In fact, even if one of the people put in the CC line flags your email as spam, the risk is that the server reads that alert as a global complaint from all the contacts involved in the mailing. And this carries to serious deliverabilty issues: you could end up in a blacklist and not be able anymore to deliver your messages.

One may think that the using the BCC field (where all the contacts are hidden to each other) is a good solution: but it isn’t. Even in the case the spam complaints can lead to the very same risks.

So when it comes to send a multiple email or a newsletter we suggest to use always a professional sending software like SendBlaster (also in its free version) – of course with a quality SMTP server like turboSMTP to enhance your delivery rate.

But if you really cannot avoid to use CC or BCC, at least divide your mailings in smaller chunks (up to 500 contacts at a time max).