Bounced emails

What is a bounced email? It’s a message sent to a recipient whose incoming server has refused: so even if the email has been correctly sent out, it has not been delivered.

More in detail, a soft bounce is “temporary”: the email is rejected because the server is down, the recipient’s inbox is full, or there’s an auto-reply activated.

A hard bounce, on the contrary, is permanent: the incoming email cannot be delivered because the address is invalid or non-existent, or your outgoing server has been blocked.

It’s essential for any email campaign – but also for your daily email flow – to keep track of all bounces, both soft and hard. That’s why turboSMTP’s dashboard allows you to get real-time statistics about all bounced emails and to export this and other reports in a handy spreadsheet.

Bounce email tracking

Moreover, with our email unsubscribe management tool you will be able to clean your list of all wrong and mispelled addresses, nullifying hard bounces and improving your deliverability.