SMTP settings for Drupal

Setting an SMTP for Drupal is essential if you want to send HMTL emails with your CMS. Luckily the whole SMTP configuration process is not complicated, and Drupal has prepared a handy support module to help users and avoid to search for and in case edit the file php.ini where the SMTP settings are normaly stored.

Remember also that if you plan do send multiple emails the best option is to choose a professional SMTP service that will guarantee a full deliverability, avoiding you to bump into antispam filters.

And here’s the procedure:

1. Download Drupal’s SMTP Authentication Support module.

2. Rename the module to “phpmailer” and put it into the “smtp” directory; then upload it to your host’s “sites/all/modules” directory.

3. Login in to Drupal and enable the SMTP Authentication Support module (in the “Modules” section).

4. Finally, enter your SMTP specifics. If you’re using turboSMTP as we recommend, And there you are, ready to send emails directly via Drupal.