Qmail Smarthost smtp relay service

If you are a Qmail user and want to use Turbo SMTP as your smart host smtp relay service, you’ll need to use a patch. Qmail doesn’t have SMTP Authentication functionality installed. Here’s how to add the patch, grab our Smart host, and improve your deliverability and the security of your email system.

For EU customers: please replace pro.turbo-smtp.com with pro.eu.turbo-smtp.com
  1. Download the patch
  2. Copy the patch into the Qmail’s source folder
  3. Stop Qmail
  4. From Qmail’s source folder, execute this command:
    patch < qmail-remote-auth.patch
    make setup check
  5. Because the control files are usually in the /var/qmail/control/ folder, set a smtproutes control file by typing this code:
    // Ports 587, 465 and 25 can also be used.
  6. Create the remotesecrets control file by using the content below:
  7. Replace Username and Password with your turboSMTP login credentials
  8. Start Qmail

To be sure you’ve established your Qmail settings properly, test it using both your email client and qmail-inject. To use qmail-inject, execute the command below:

echo to: recipient@example.com | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject

If you want to see the effects of a smart host relay service try our turboSMTP

Every company needs a smart host smtp relay both for external and internal communication. A smart host service guarantees better deliverability and reputation, protects your domain (no one can pretend to be you or a member of your company) and lets you to track your emails and your users' actions.

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