Office 365 Smart host smtp relay

If you are a Office 365 user and want to use Turbo SMTP as your smart host smtp relay please follow these instructions. Here’s how to set up a smart host for Office 365.

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  1. Login to Office 365 and click on ‘Admin’
    Setup Office 365 smart host
  2. Once inside the Microsoft 365 admin center, navigate to the Setup > Get your custom domain set up > View page
    Setup Office 365 smart host
  3. Click Manage DNS
    Setup Office 365 smart host
  4. To create a DKIM record, click the Add record button
    Setup Office 365 smart host
  5. Select the TXT or CNAME option from the Select DNS type drop-down menu
  6. Enter the Hostname we recommend into the Host name or Alias field
  7. Enter the Value that we advise for your CNAME record into the Points to address field, then click the Save button
    Setup Office 365 smart host
  8. You can find the “Hostname” and “Value” in the “DKIM Configuration” section of your turboSMTP dashboard

If you want to see the effects of a smart host relay service try our turboSMTP

Every company needs a smart host smtp relay both for external and internal communication. A smart host guarantees better deliverability and reputation, protects your domain (no one can pretend to be you or a member of your company) and lets you to track your emails and your users’ actions.

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