Lotus Domino Administrator IBM Smart host relay – How to set up turboSMTP

If you use Lotus Domino and would like to use our turboSMTP as your smarthost relay, here’s how to do it. You’ll be able to improve your deliverability and your business security!

For EU customers: please replace pro.turbo-smtp.com with pro.eu.turbo-smtp.com
  1. Follow the Lotus Domino Server guide Configuring Domino to send mail to a relay host or firewall
  2. Complete the Relay host section with the SMTP server name pro.turbo-smtp.com
  3. In the Router/SMTP tab (located in the configuration document of your server) follow this path: Restrictions and controls > SMTP Inbound controls > Inbound Intended Recipients Controls
  4. Now, enable Verify that local domain recipients exist in the Domino Directory

If you want to see the effects of a smart host relay service try our turboSMTP

Every company needs a smart host smtp relay both for external and internal communication. A smart host relay guarantees better deliverability and reputation, protects your domain (no one can pretend to be you or a member of your company) and lets you to track your emails and your users’ actions.

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