How to improve Email deliverability – Tips and tricks

Sending a message does not mean that it will arrive at its destination. If you need to send transactional or commercial emails, you certainly know how much is important that they arrive at their destination so that you can keep a trust relationship with your customers. Your emails don’t often reach their recipients, do they? Don’t worry, there’s the deliverability service.

How to improve Email deliverability - Tips and tricks

Deliverability – Meaning

Deliverability sounds like a complex concept, indeed it is not. It referres to the delivery rate of your emails or – easily – to the number of emails that actually reach the inboxes of your acquired or potential customers, included in your contact lists.

How not to end up in spam and reach the mailbox of your contacts

If you need to send transactional emails correctly, you shouldn’t underestimate the deliverability. On the contrary, you should consider it because it can really make a difference. In fact, if your sending performances take a negative trend, it is likely that your contacts don’t open your emails simply because they have not received them. This is the reason why TurboSMTP guarantees a deliverability service designed for you that will allow you to obtain the maximum email delivery rate.

Are you looking for the best email marketing tool with the best deliverability?

Maybe that’s not the right question to ask. In fact, deliverability varies according to the type of customer, his activity and his contact lists. This means that two companies that use the same email marketing software may have profoundly different email delivery rates.

Is the deliverability service offered by all software? If not, by which?

Again, the answer is not univocal. Three scenarios may appear in front of you:

  1. You could choose simple email marketing programs such as Mailchimp, which offer a medium deliverability, without assistance and customization
  2. You may decide to add to Mailchimp or the email marketing software you have chosen a professional tool like Return Path, useful for monitoring deliverability, and then contact an expert to analyze the data collected
  3. You could choose a complete service, which guarantees a deliverability that will be studied specifically for your case in order to get the most out of your email strategy

TurboSMTP offers you the best personalized deliverability service, providing a team of experts, ready to communicate with the email clients in order to solve any problems and to guarantee the best performance in terms of delivery and opening rates.

The advantages of a dedicated IP

A dedicated and European IP – available with our Premium plans – ensures you an excellent sending reputation, better than IPS located in USA may do. Your emails will arrive to the recipient and they won’t end up in the black lists of the main email clients (such as Gmail and Outlook), avoiding to be considered as spam.

Antispam associations and Feedback loops management

We take care of your marketing campaigns safety: we are involved in all national and international anti-spam organizations and we manage feedback loops instead of you. ISPS (Gmail, Hotmail and so on) communicate with us and they send us any spam reports made by the contacts on your lists. In this way, we can notify complaints in your account and automatically remove users who have made reports and who don’t want to receive your emails anymore.

We have feedback loops activated with the following ISPs:

    • AOL
    • Alice
    • Tiscali
    • Virgilio
    • Libero
    • Hotmail/Outlook
    • Yahoo
    • Road Runner – (not working since 2017)
    • United Online / / juno.combaesystems
    • BlueTie
    • Comcast
    • Cox
    • Fastmail
    • Italiaonline
    • Laposte
    • Locaweb
    • MailRu
    • Rackspace
    • Synacor
    • Telenor
    • Terra
    • xs4all
    • Yandex
    • UOL
    • Opensrs
    • Seznm
    • Telstra
    • Liberty
    • Tencent
    • Zoho

Assistance, monitoring and error management

TurboSMTP monitors deliverability for you. We are at your disposal in order to solve any problems, we’ll give you personalized advice to improve your transactional emails delivery, opening and click rates. In addition to feedback loops, we also manage bounces and other non-delivery errors.

Remember: our team provides assistance in your language and works in a personalized way, allowing you to take advantage of a platform that will always adapt to your needs.

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