Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 (Smartphone)

Please follow the detailed instructions with screenshots below for setting Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 up to work with turboSMTP server.

To configure your Windows Mobile 6 device for using turboSMTP server:

    1. Open Messaging (Start | Programs | Messaging).
    2. Select your email account, then press 'Options' from 'Menu'.
    3. Tap an account to change settings.

    4. Select 'Modify account preferences', then press 'Next'.

    5. Leave your settings unchanged until the outgoing SMTP settings screen.
    6. Enter in the 'Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server' field.
    7. Check 'Outgoing server requires authentication'
    8. Do not check 'Use the same user name...'
    9. Select the 'Advanced Server Settings' link.

    10. Make sure 'Require SSL for Outgoing e-mail' is not checked
    11. Select 'The Internet' as the network connection from the drop-down menu.
    12. Click 'Done', then 'Next'.

    13. Enter your turboSMTP username (the email address you have registered with your turboSMTP account) and
      turboSMTP password
      (the password you supplied when you signed up).
    14. Select 'Save password', and press 'Next', then 'Finish'


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