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Ποια προγράμματα e-mail client είναι συμβατά με την turboSMTP;

Όλα τα βασικά προγράμματα email client είναι συμβατά με την υπηρεσία turboSMTP, συμπεριλαμβανομένων όλων των εκδόσεων των Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Vista Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Netscape Mail, Apple iPhone, και πολλών άλλων.

Ήταν χρήσιμη αυτή η απάντηση;

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Sure you can. And it's extremely easy: 1. Start the normal purchase procedure, specifying that you're going...
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You can reset your account password in the following few steps: Log in to your dashboard here:...
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9. Why is turboSMTP still using the free emails even if I bought a paid plan?
turboSMTP first uses all the email relays provided by the free plan (200/day), which are granted to all users.Then, once these...
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