Smart host smtp relay service: what is it?

Email management has to constantly adapt to protect users from spam, frauds and identity thefts. It also needs constant review. Whatever emails you need to send (transactional, promotional, or personal), issues such as a tainted IP address, poor send volume or a malfunction of the email system can hinder your communications. A good email service provider can easily solve any deliverability problem with a smart host relay service. The advantages are countless — and include security!

You might be working hard to improve your email marketing campaign or simply to send better transactional emails but not all your messages reach your customers’ inboxes. It might not be your fault. You could just need a Smart host relay service provider! It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, every business needs an SMTP Smart Host to protect the corporate domain and to safeguard the effectiveness of its communication strategies.

So what is a Smart host smtp relay service? How does it work, and how can it help you reach your professional and marketing goals?

  • Smart host smtp relay service – Let’s dive deeper!

    A Smart Host relay service provider is an intermediary email server located between the sender’s outgoing server and the recipient’s incoming server.

    Smtp smart hosts used to work as an open mail relay, a kind of SMTP server that allowed users to send emails without authentication directly to the recipient’s server. These open relays have become disliked by the virtual community and most have now been blacklisted. A smart host cloud smtp service acts as a sort of middleman that helps your emails find the right way to reach their destination. The SMTP smart host relay provides for authentication and excludes open connections in order to guarantee a better deliverability rate.

SMTP Smart host relay service – Why you need it

If you’re connected to a public SMTP to send your email, the chance of your messages reaching your customers’ inboxes depends on the behavior of other users who share that server. If you need to send transactional or marketing emails and are suffering from deliverability issues, an SMTP smart host relay service provider may be the solution you need. A Smart host smtp relay is an independent SMTP server with a good reputation. The company that owns the Smtp Smart host will manage all the security issues, removing users accused of spam and protecting you from identity theft. Here are a couple of reasons you should try it:

1. A Smart host relay service delivers a solid IP reputation

The number of emails your company sends will affect the reputation of your IP. If you don’t send enough emails, your messages might be considered spam because your IP lacks substantiality. Similarly, if you send too many emails, or if your reputation has been corrupted by the behavior of users who share your IP, you might face a number of deliverability issues. Don’t worry, all is not lost. You can ask an SMTP smart host smtp relay for help. With this “intelligent” tool, your emails will more easily reach your subscribers’ inbox.

Of course, you can’t be completely sure that all your emails will reach their recipients. Sending an email is like throwing it in the wind, but a smart host smtp relay provider has a large “fan” that allows you to direct the emails in the right direction.

2. A smart host relay deals with ineffective anti-spam filters

Even if you use an on-premise spam filter, you might not be immune from deliverability issues. If there’s a leak in your outgoing spam filter, your IP reputation will still be damaged. If the loss isn’t stopped, bad mails will outweigh good ones and your messages won’t reach their destinations. You can easily bypass that difficulty by using an SMTP Smart host relay service provider that will give you an alternative route to send your message.

Smart host relay server – How a turboSMTP email Smart host can help you

turboSMTP gives you a smart host relay service that can help you improve your deliverability. Let’s see the benefits.

  • turboSMTP Smart delivers better email system performance

    Every time you send a message, your server has to connect to the recipient’s server in order to deliver it. So if you send emails to multiple contacts, your server will connect separately to all your recipients’ servers. A Smart Host smtp relay service will improve your email system performance because it will be the only delivery point to which it needs to connect.

  • Smart Host relay service – Email authentication for a better security

    To ensure built-in authentication only authorized senders can transmit email messages through our smart host. Our service amplifies the deliverability and the security of the server. If you have more than one email flow (transactional, one-to-many marketing, person-to-person, etc.), you can unify those flows through our smtp smart host relay server that guarantees the whitelisting of your domain. More of your emails will arrive safely at their destination!

  • A Smart host relay service tracks reports and statistics

    Our service is more than a smart host cloud smtp relay. Our smart host relay provider will let you check your email statistics and reporting, analyzing open and delivery rates, the number of bounced emails, and so on.

  • Customer care in your language

    Our turboSMTP won’t only give you a good smart host smtp relay provider to help you send your emails. It will also give you assistance in your language every time you need it. Our customer care service is always ready to fix any kind of issue you might encounter.

  • A Smart host smtp relay provider keeps your list clean

    Undelivered emails can damage your business. Every message you send that doesn’t reach its destination causes the recipient’s address to be put on a suppression list. That address will no longer receive your emails.
    Our SMTP smart host relay will enable you to keep your email list clean and only populated with addresses that can receive your messages and interact with them.

  • The security of an authorized and reliable sender thanks to domain records

    turboSMTP protects you and the recipients of your emails from spam, phishing and spoofing thanks to email authentication. It is a multi-method approach that makes email services see you as an authorized and secure sender. Here are additional and optional records that make a Smart Host smtp relay service an even safer tool:

    SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It’s a protocol that allows your sender IP, via your domain DNS, to send emails. The system ensures that the sender is reliable and not a “copy” created to damage the recipient with spam and phishing.

    The DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a cryptographic protocol which allocates a digital signature to each email you send. The DKIM protocol protects you and your recipients from possible modifications of the email during transmission and certifies the identity of the sender.

    The SPF and DKIM protocols are complementary and protect from different types of attacks. Once a message has passed the SPF and DKIM checks, the DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) protocol checks that the DKIM signature is valid and that the FROM field corresponds with the domain name and the IPs declared in the SPF record.

Configure a Smart host relay in your mail server

If you are looking for a reliable SmartHost in your server have a look at the list below:

If you want to see the effects of a smart host relay service try our turboSMTP

Every company needs a smart host smtp relay service both for external and internal communication. A smart host relay server guarantees better deliverability and reputation, protects your domain (no one can pretend to be you or a member of your company) and lets you to track your emails and your users’ actions.

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